April Fools

Spencer and I are buying a HOUSE!

And that is no April fools joke either.

We are VERY excited about it! It is a cute little first home. Built in 1950, brick ranch. I like to say cottage :-)

Whoever lived in it before us (I'm imagining an older lady, perhaps?) kept very good care of it. It has mostly all the original stuff :-) Hard wood doors with the old glass doorknobs, wood floors, retro light fixtures, bead board ceiling on the front porch AND some very nifty AstroTurf to boot! Its just your good ole basic 1950's brick ranch! Welcome to Nashville :-)

The biggest bummer about the house was that the previous owner was a smoker. Boo cigarette smoke! This means some serious cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning. Definitely planning on painting the whole place with Kilz. Its going to be quite the project. Do you know any tips or ideas for getting ride of smoke odor?

I'll post before pictures of the house once its official, but for now we will be in the inspection, paperwork etc stage. Crossing our fingers that everything works out! You know, since I've already started placing furniture and thinking of paint colors :-)

I'm also excited to get this blog up and running again...

Here are some pictures from the past week. Mom, Lindsey and Addison came to town to visit! It was a lot of fun and I miss having them around!


First visit to the ER---dislocated elbow

Addison being a cheeseball

Playing at Crocket Park

Happy April Fools day everyone--Have a fun one!


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