life update

i chuckled when i read my last post.
here we are mid december and i'm still being a lazy blogger.
i promise, i'm working on it.
i think about blogging, i even take pictures to post.
its a work in progress i suppose.

well here is a big fall/winter update.
happy halloween!

i celebrated at the hospital birthing babies. while the mr. celebrated at home, waiting to pass out candy to trick-or-treaters that never came. sad day. thankfully i bought candy that we like to ear ourselves...mmm!

here is a picture of our pumpkin. we were pretty proud of this happy guy. too bad he rotted and got droopy and thrown into the trash. he made me happy with his big goofy smile.

my parents came for thanksgiving this year. it was lots of fun.
we cooked our first turkey dinner in our little home. it turned out surprisingly great and we luckily scrambled up enough serving dishes to cook everything else. also learned that our home has a shortage of covered caserole dishes. overall everything was delicious.

our black friday goal this year was pretty lofty, but we were very determined. stackable, front loading washer and dryer. the pair for $699. yep-the pair. and a new range. after much pregaming and research we had our game plan.

after lunch (1 pm) the mr went to set up camp in line at hhgregg while we cleaned up and then went to go see the rockettes at the grand ole opry. After the show we met up at the store with dinner and blankets. we were FIRST IN LINE. holy cow.

i've been black friday shopping many times but i've NEVER been first in line. it felt pretty good, i wont lie. i love winning. so we sat in the cold, made friends along the way and got caught up in all the excitement until the store opened at midnight. first ones in the door.


we got everything on our wish list and even a little more! the mr got a new flat screen tv and blue ray player for christmas. he just didnt know they were for him at the time. we set everything up while he was at work one day and then gave him an early christmas surprise! i got my christmas preasent early this year also...its a beautiful rug in our living room. she is such a beauty! and she keeps our toes warm on the hardwoods. 

after thanksgiving we got set up for christmas. we got our first little tree. my first real tree that i can remember. it was fun picking it out and getting her decorated.
now if i can just remember to add water consistently. 

we went to the nashville flea market and my dad bought me this cute little guy. he is vintage and jolly. i LOVE him. he makes our porch so bright. my mom got lots of great ball jars.

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