Closet 'Barn' Door

while mom and i were working on the painted kitchen floor
we fixed the closet while the paint was drying

this closet originally had a small cabinet in it which we tore out when we bought the house
 because it reeked like smoke.
i wasn't really looking forward to fixing the closet because it was partially sheet rocked and part panelling. i thought it would be really involved to fix.
it sat unused until we had the idea to add a 'barn door'
this would save us from having to put in a new door frame and i really preferred this look anyways

we first had to shim out the panelling to match the sheet rock
then we hung some bead board which immediately made the closet look better.

after the bead board was hung, we put up some shelves and trimmed it out.
we are officially experts at using toggle bolts to hang things in plaster
there are a few tips & tricks they don't teach you on the package and we have figured them out!

i purchased a salvaged screen door at the Nashville flea market for $15
we initially looked to purchasing barn door hardware to hang the door but it was very expensive and really unrealistic. we found a way to do essentially the same thing for a fraction of the cost

we purchased some eye hooks, some galvanized pipe and a couple casters

somewhere in the midst of all our hard work we took a break to go to the
Tennessee State Fair

i only washed and sanded the door a little bit. i was originally going to paint it a fun pop of color but after sanding it i loved the silver and grey undertones and decided to leave it au natural

really pleased with how this turned out
excited to organize now


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