Hidden Treasures

on my trip to meet sweet corban
mom and i stopped at a few quilt stores along the way
its always fun to discover a nice store like this one outside of dallas

but it was even more fun finding this hidden gem downtown ardmore oklahoma.

key's grocery

now i wont lie, we were a little nervous when our google maps led us here after a search for a quilt store. 

its a family run 'grocery' store that has been around since the 1940s
they carry quite the variety
groceries...garden seed...organic veggies...local honey...feed...quilters stuff...homemade candy

at first glance it's a mess, but as we looked closer we saw lots and lots of stuff we loved
at prices we really loved
after we passed the homemade candy and organic lawn supplies we noticed the huge long arm quilting machine...next to the meat counter?
so bizarre but awesomely quaint at the same time
charmingly odd
we met alicia, the owner, and she was full of personality.
extremely friendly and just genuinely interested in teaching others about quilting

she does incredible long arm quilting and after chatting with her a bit we learned that she is a quilter for moda, published and all

 i'm planning on sending her some of my quilts after i get them pieced

we made out like bandits
i got some moda precuts in the new cute line "marmalade" by bonnie and camille
and my brother even got a rolling pecan picker up'er

i'd highly recommend if you're ever in ardmore that you stop by and meet these fine folks.

another good lesson teaching us not to judge a book by the cover
i'm so glad we stopped in


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