Estate Sale Jackpot

Does anyone else get giddy and excited when they pass a estate sale sign on the road? Man do I ever!

We were driving around the other day and passed a sign in my sisters neighborhood and decided it couldn't hurt to go in.

It always seems to be those days when you find the best stuff. Its never when you are LOOKING for something...but I always seem to stumble upon hidden treasures.

Just so you know, we are having a western rehearsal dinner.

I thought it would be fun to have pint size mason jars to drink out of but it really wasnt in the budget to purchase a bunch of new ones. We checked craigslist/goodwill/etc but hadn't had much luck. We started borrowing from friends at church and hoped we find enough to finish the dream!

We looked throughout the whole house at the estate sale...and then in the garage we found an ENTIRE shelf of old mason jars! WHAT?! Such a lucky day. We found two boxes of 12 jars for $4 each and snatched them up! Gave em a good bath and voila!

Then we found these beauties! I absolutely love them and think the possibilities are endless!

What would you put your jar?
Here are a few ideas I found....



And we also found some frames for a $1 that I plan on painting and making beautiful. Here they are before...

Have a glorious day!


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