Goin' to the Chapel

Since the last time I wrote several exciting things happened in my life. I graduated from nursing school (woohoo!), passed my boards and got a license and started work at the hospital. Its been quite an adventure and very fun.

I am getting married in Jan and in true DIYer style I have decided to tackle about a million little projects for my wedding.

Its just NOT in my nature to think of something to buy to decorate with...no everything is "OH! I can make that!" I can't complain too much because I always have family and friends who jump in to help! SOOO Thankful for them! Especially Mom!

That's pretty much most of what I am doing right now so I've decided to post about them!

Thankfully the church we are getting married at is GORGEOUS and doesn't need much (if any) decorating because it is so ornate and old! Stained glass beautiful-ness!

The reception is another story....

For centerpieces I made candles in old vintage cut glass dishes. It only took about 200 trips to Goodwill and several garage sales/thrift stores later we had 140 glasses. We tried to spend under $0.99 for each glass. Which was pretty achievable, we usually got them for about $0.50

I had never made candles before but was convinced that I could accomplish virtually any craft. Turns out candle making is very fun! You should try it! It can be a little messy though!

We also purchased small pink vases at Ikea and flowers from Michaels to put in the middle.  

Here is a sneak peak of the centerpieces.


I'll be sure to keep you posted on all the rest of our many projects!

What clever ideas did you have for your wedding?


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