April showers bring May flowers!

It's definitely already April and I have failed as a blogger! Here is the quick update and a few pictures! I got married to my love and moved north, into the snow!

(Day One)
(Day Two)

I then began unpacking and decorating our humble abode :-) Here are some before and after pics to help you get the idea!

Bedroom [Before]
Bedroom [After]

Living Room [Before]
Living Room [After]

Kitchen [Before]

Kitchen [After]

Second Bedroom [Before]
Second Bedroom [After]

"Under Construction"

Bathroom [Before]
Bathroom [After]

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melanie said...

Thanks so much for following my blog! It's great to meet you!

Congrats on your marriage!
Your home looks wonderful--cozy and beautiful!
I love your envelopes. :)
And your family pictures are gorgeous! The best part is that I saw those photos on A.Ann's blog before I "knew" you. :D She takes seriously amazing photos!