The 'envelope' system

Currently the husband and I are working on a budget. Working on making one that works. AND sticking to it. In an attempt to stick to it...we are implementing the envelope system. Yep. Once the envelope is empty...its empty. We are taking a class called Financial Peace by Dave Ramsey right now that is really great!

"Dave's class will teach you everything you need to know about dumping debt, building wealth, and changing your family tree. More than one million families have attended FPU with amazing results. On average, they pay off $5,300 in debt and save $2,700 in just 90 days."

He is such a great teacher and we have learned alot. He provides and envelope system but I have decided to make my own envelopes. Maybe if they are cute I'll actually use them? Maybe? Well anyways here we go...Lets see how this works! I made an envelope for each area that we tend to overspend. Entertainment. Eating Out. And then the His/Her Choice is for whatever!

Our Envelopes


Dave's Envelopes

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jdohertytx said...

I love your envelopes so much cuter than Dave's envelope