What Cheer, Iowa

After reading about the What Cheer Flea market in Flea Market Finds we decided to make the trek over and check it out! Boy am I glad we did!

The weather called for severe thunderstorms and rain but we prayed for sunshine :-) Luckily we got just enough of it to make our rounds before the rain started. It was perfect because lots of people didn't come because they anticipated the rain. The vendors were a little more willing to make a deal which is always nice!

Here is a picture of the sign on the drive into the parking lot. It made us smile!

We had such a great time junking and found lots of treasures. I got these galvanized buckets, now flower pots on my front porch all for $8 and the kitchen cart too for $20. The wood folding chairs were found at a garage sale for $6 and the other terracotta pots were FREE on the side of the road! Wooohoo!

We made the mistake of only bringing bags (no cart) and had to make a few trips to the car. It didn't help our arms when I purchase china, antique insulators and glass ball jars in the first thirty minutes. Lucky us it wasn't the size of Canton Trade Days and we were able to make it to the car and back without getting lost :-)

Overall we had a fabulous time and purchased LOTS of great finds! If you ever get the chance to go to the What Cheer Flea market, its definitely worth the trip!

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