Does anyone else just sit and look at picture after picture of beautiful things? Because I definitely do and I think my husband thinks I'm crazy because of it.

We currently done have internet at our house so we are making lots of trips to places with free wireless. Part of me likes it, minus the whole load into the car, unload & set up it takes!

With the computer set up and extra time to surf I found myself exploring blog-land. It really is endless. I found this amazingly awesome blog that pretty much had me jumping up and down in amazement! You probably have already found it but it was new to me!

Here are a few pictures from her blog! Enjoy, drool and get inspired!

Dreamy Whites

Does this make your heart rate go up a bit? It definitely makes mine!

It always seems that whenever I do this my list of projects becomes just a bit longer!

Those are just a few from her blog. Go check it out :-)

"Enthusiasm is excitement with inspiration, motivation, and a pinch of creativity"

Have a fabulous day!


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