Music City

It has been quite a while since I have been on here and so I'm going to try and do a better job of making posts and updating on our new life in Nashville!
We moved down recently and have been loving it so far!
Its good to be in the south again :-)

I am working doing labor and delivery and absolutely LOVING it!
Spencer is hoping to get a job somewhere in the music industry!
It has been a great deal of fun moving down and everyone has been very friendly so far!

Nashville is such a vibrant fun city with so much to explore!
For somewhere to start we are officially having "New Restaurant Saturdays" and going to a new restaurant each week for dinner! It has been a lot of fun so far and we have found some really great places!

This week we tried a little Mexican restaurant in Franklin called Pueblo Real that I heard was good word of mouth. I have been on a Mexican food kick lately and the Hubs is convinced I'm partially Hispanic. I wish, and I really wish I knew how to make home made tortillas! The Mexican food here is closer to being real than in Iowa but I don't think anything will ever compare to San Antonio. All things considered, it was good food, great prices and HUGE portions! The staff was friendly and we had a good visit :-)

That's about all I have for today...Hope you have a good one!


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