Day One: Its official...

...We are home owners!!!

Welcome to our humble abode :-)
Today we signed our name a million times and finally closed on our first home! We are so excited!

Its a lovely 1950s brick ranch with 1050 sq feet of greatness. Original red oak hardwood floors. Hardwood doors complete with glass doorknobs. You know, all the really important things ;-)

No time was wasted in the journey of making this house a home.
We hit the ground running today and got a lot done. I'll be blogging about all of our renovations and probably everything in between.

On day one of ownership we:
1. Ripped out the old yucky smoke smelling carpet in the bedroom and pulled all the tack strips

2. Removed and trashed the old mini blinds

3 Washed ALL the walls and ceilings with this great recipe that my mom found online.

Cleaning Solution
1 gallon hot water
1 cup ammonia
1/2 cup vinegar
1/4 baking soda

It worked really well but be sure to start at the bottom of the wall otherwise you will get "grimey drip stains". We weren't very worried about this because we knew we would be painting everything with Killz to get rid of the smoke smell left by the previous owner.

4. Painted the master bedroom, including the ceiling. We are using Kilz Odorless to paint everything. So far so good.

I am so excited for all almost all the projects that come along with home ownership.

Hoping that you will enjoy reading about our adventures!

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