Day Two: Painting

Day two of home ownership went great!

Aside from the paint speckles covering my face and my arms feeling like they were going to fall straight off, it was a really good/productive day.

I was working at the house alone today, the Mr was at work so I decided to go to town and really knock out  the painting. Plus I really hate the smell of smoke and wanted it to be gone ASAP.  And we needed to be mostly done before we started refinishing the floors.

I started with the ceilings, for some odd reason, I really enjoy painting ceilings the best. I know I'm crazy! I think this made the biggest impact on the smell.

The smell of smoke is almost completely gone. The Killz really did its job and I am so thankful!

Nothing like a fresh coat of paint to make everything more crisp and clean!


We took out the small cabinet and shelves in the master bedroom closet.

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Linds said...

You crazy girl, enjoying painting ceilings!:) Glad you have a blog, and love the name! Miss you guys!