Day Six: Polyurethane & Climbing in the window

We are in the home stretch today, and will be applying the first coat of polyurethane.

We are using _____<--(Again, You'll have to take a rain check. I'll let you know, I promise)
It goes on easy and is very forgiving. It is made to be applied with a roller.
Jeffco recommended for us to not use the usual lambswool, because these don't work how they are supposed to, and leave fibers until they have been used for about six months. We are just doing this a few days so will not have the time to perfect the lambswool texture, thus we went for the roller, and it worked FABULOUSLY!

 It is VERY important that no water gets on the floor prior to the polyurethane so we were instructed to "tie a rag around your head if you are even thinking about sweating". Apparently if you drip sweat on the floors during this step it will stay there in your finish. Nobody wants that now do we!

We first made sure to dust again before starting ;-) Who knew there could be this much sawdust?

Then I went around the edges with a brush, being sure to 'feather' the edges in order to blend with the roller. My mom rolled the polyurethane on at the same time. It went fairly fast.

At first we were a little worried because it looked bubbly and slightly uneven but we trusted our new friends at Jeffco and would see in the morning how things went. Don't be alarmed if you think the coat looks messed up. It leveled out and did self correct. Whew!

[Wet, Bubbly and scary]

[Dry, Beautiful and perfect]

You have to let the polyurethane dry overnight. We finished ours in the afternoon and left the windows cracked a little bit so that it would be dry in the morning.

Since we needed to keep working on the house while this dried, and I wanted to start tackling the yucky bathroom, we got the ladder, and climbed in the window in true fashion. This involved much laughing, breaking the toilet seat, and maybe a little bit of almost wetting our pants. It was really funny. And I looked like Aunt Jemima with a rag tied around my head and my grandpa's old plaid work shirt tied up. I'm pretty sure the neighbors probably think we are crazy. But we are so thats okay.

We were successful in taking of the gunky sliding door and cleaning off the gunk it left behind. We scrapped out all the old caulking and replaced it. And we scrubbed scrubbed scrubbed. Put a little elbow grease into it.

Our floor it pretty nasty in the bathroom. It freaks me out a little and I cant WAIT to replace it. Our neighbor, Oliver, stopped by a few days ago to ask "how we liked the neat radiant heated bathroom floor that the older man across the street had put in many many years ago'. Cool that its radiant heat, but not so cool that its scratchy and has some nasty 'bathroom' stains. Embarrassing and gross.

We scrubbed and scrubbed this floor with bleach, ammonia, and TSP. We were tired and the fumes started to choke us out so we called it a day. We are planning on cleaning the floor some more, painting it, saving money and then REPLACING! That will be a glorious day.

After a day of hard work we stopped by Trader Joes. So fun. You should try to Schoolhouse Alphabet Cinnamon cookies. We discovered them and they are SO GOOD!


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