We moved!

We are officially in our new house, surrounded by boxes and piles of junk, but in none the less.
It only took us one big trip over from the apartment since we rented a UHaul and packed down 3 cars.

While we were unloading, our sweet neighbor across the street came over with two of her high school age boys to help out! It was great! We were so thankful for them and their strength.

As a house warming gift, the Mr.'s parents gave us a lawnmower. Man are we (and our neighbors) thankful! Our yard needs some work, its green but very clover and weed filled. That will be a project for another day. For now, we'll mow whatever is green  :-)

Its a pretty red mower.

Hoping that you enjoy the day, go mow. 

We will be here, unpacking!


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Joan said...

Love your flowers they are beautiful, I know you will love them