Monday Monday

Today, and the past few, have been filled with LOTS of unpacking, purging, organizing and simplifying! Do you love the feeling when you 'get rid of' stuff you just dont need anymore?

We have already filled up a few garage sale boxes! Hopefully we will have enough by the fall to do the garage sale and make some moo-la!

Outside I clipped some of our hydrangeas to enjoy inside while unpacking!

I also discovered that the Mr. finished his closet, and I had to take a picture.
This is just one of many reasons why I love him.
Hopefully it stays this way!

Hoping that you have a sunshine, pretty flower, organized closet kind of day!



Lindsey said...

nice flowers. They almost look like they are fake tie-dyed.

Linds said...

Love! Will you guys come visit and help me decorate? :) The Mr. could help Dave organize his closet :)

Miss you guys!