0001. my pleasure at chick-fil-a
0002. beautiful, calm deliveries
0003. organization on a hectic night
0004. my mom and dad
0005. him doing the big pile of dishes
0006. warm showers

0007. fresh bar of soap
0008. fuzzy baby blankets
0009. diet dr pepper
0010. new white towels
0011. little girl with light up shoes dancing
0012. time to exercise today
0013. night shift converstaions
0014. sunshine through our windows

0015. kairos
0016. mike glenn
0017. sonic diet cherry limeades
0018. vera bradley

0019. His love
0020. His provision
0021. clean neat attic
0022. colorful scrubs
0023. vase full of daisies from the yard
0024. smell of a new shower curtain
0025. the pied piper eatery
0026. peanuts sweet voice on the phone
0027. being called meh-un
0028. being within goal at ww
0029. free weigh in for may
0030. color coordinated closets


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Lindsey said...

I love this idea. It would be cute to make a little coffee table book (like a picaboo) with just the list and your pictures mixed in so you could look back at it once you get to a thousand.