Master Bedroom




I love how our bedroom turned out. We painted it Martha Stewart's Cumulus Cloud. Its a very light grey that looks a little blue in some light. Did I mention that I love it?

I also really like how this color turned out with the floors. I love the color combination. Can't wait to see how great it looks when my dear brother and mom come back and put on our trim. Yay!

Our bedding is part Ikea and part Mom made. She surprised me this trip with the big white euro shams. She made them out of an old chenille blanket. The look really great and add some fun texture to the mix. 

She also made us the best thing ever. room darkening curtains. since I currently work night shift and sleep during the day, these have been such a blessing! I wish I could explain how awesome they are. They really help so much. We had originally bought sale curtains from pottery barn, without paying attention bought one short and one really long. oops! So she had to completely remake them. Added the tan to the bottom and lined them. I think they are my favorite part of the room.

Most of the furniture in our room is from an auction. For my nursing school graduation my parents gave me money to spend on furniture and we got some really great stuff. and had tons of fun during the process too!
I would always rather buy something old and well made than new and poorly made. 

We are so thankful for my parents extreme home makeover trip!
They helped us work on so many projects while they were here.
thank you thank you thank you!

My dad installed a motion detection light by the back door. Its great! He also put up a smoke detector. Safety first. 

Last but certainly not least, guess what they got us as a house warming gift?

a porch swing! 
[with cute pillows too]

I am so excited to put this puppy to use! I sat out there tonight and watched the fireflies! I love it so much!

Here are some more pictures from the weekend. Sad that I didn't get more. Next time. 

mom and me.

dad with an 'Orse'...this picture is for Peanut. 

 the mr, me and dad in front of LP Field

trader joes. mmm how we love your schoolhouse alphabet cookies. and the ginger cat cookies. 

boots. down on broadway for the night. went to the honky tonks.

dad in front of the ever yummy waffle house!


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