Texas Flag, Lonestar

My trip to Texas was awesome.
It was great to be back in town, with no real agenda.
I'll let you guys in on the cliff-notes version of my trip!

We drove up to Marble Falls to visit my Aunt, Uncle and Cousins.
First we tested some recipes for a shower they are having for my other sweet cousin.
I will update with pictures later, who would want to spoil a surprise!? Its going to be great!

Then we went thrifting a bit and I got some great shorts and a dress for cheap cheap cheap.
We went boating and did some tubing and wake-boarding. I love being out on the lake, wind in my face with the smell of sunscreen. ( which I did not wear enough off..oops)

Peanut even had a ride on the tube! She isnt even two yet...such a champ.

My uncle is a builder and he gave us some wood trim for our house. It is really beautiful! We are so very thankful for this awesomely thick trim. Cant wait to see this up in the house! This is going to save us big time!

Our trip to Fiesta Texas was fun but fairly short because it was SO crowded and hot. We rode the little kid train and a few others for Peanut and then got out of the heat. We had Rosarios famous fish tacos for dinner and went to go see "The Phantom of the Alamo" at the Majik Theatre. Peanut picked us up some treats for the show!

On our trip up to the outlet malls we had a Major score at the Pottery Barn Outlet this time.

 The Mr. and I have needed a new chair in the living room for quite some time now. The old bachelor pad lazyboy just wasnt my thing.

While checking out the furniture, we stumbled upon this chair.

With a pricetag that had some beautiful red markings, that took the price from $799 down to $99. yep you read that correctly. Just one hundred smackaroos. I quickly snatched it up. And did a little happy dance!
Then we found an ottoman for only $99 which was usually priced $599!

I was so excited! My mom is going to make us slipcovers and I can't wait! Woohoo!
Mom finished the roman shades for our living room and kitchen, cant wait to hang those up when I get home! They are going to look so great!

We ate lots and lots of mexican food, completed our budget system, cleaned out the attic of all my junk treasures, and had SO much fun! Peanut even took me to story time at the library and we sang "Buenos Dias, Buenos Dias..Como estas? Como estas? Muy Bien Gracias, Muy Bien Gracias, y tu? y tu?"

Overall it was a fabuloso trip!

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Courtney Pennington said...

Soooo about these treats you tasted...
Haha, Sounds like a splendid trip! Miss you Megs!