0031. perfect fit rug.
0032. fizzy diet coke.
0033. the smell of fresh cut grass.
0034. trash bag curtains.

0035. fresh sheets.
0036. my very own laundry machine.
0037. food in the fridge.
0038. conversations with an old friend.
0039. the smell of fresh paint.
0040. his arms.
0041. peanuts sense of humor.
0042. her joy.
0043. moderate variability with accels.
0044. him setting the sprinkler, getting sprayed.
0045. man at panera with the big smile.
0046. appreciative families.
0047. soft, smooth baby skin
0048. joyful tears of new moms.
0049. the rings on my left hand.
0050. freshly painted bathroom floor.

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