Happy New Year and...

happy new kitchen!

the past week my parents and brother came down for the extreme home makeover.
and i really mean it was extreme
we took our kitchen from studs to spectacular in just a few short days.
you can see what the kitchen looked like when we bought the house here

we started by taking down the old stinky paneling, doing some (and by some, i mean A LOT of) dusty demolition to the old plaster walls, tearing out the old cabinets and started with a new fresh slate.
my brother built a wall in the old doorway, that used to lead to our bedroom
we put up new insulation and sheet rock

since the old plaster walls were a smidge thicker than sheet rock, we had to shim the walls out a bit

we were thinking out of the box and found that the home depot large paint sticks and yard sticks worked perfectly. 
i learned that hanging sheet rock is not my favorite part of remodeling

new cabinets
new countertops
new light fixtures

you know, the whole shebang.

 we got our cabinets and countertops at ikea and they were really easy to put together and hang up.

initially we were only going to do a bead board backsplash, but had a game time decision to take it high all around the room.
i am so glad we did. it really makes a statement. i'm planning on painting it all white.

we went with a single bowl white porcelain farmhouse sink from ikea.
this gave us extra countertop space and more room to work.
our light fixtures were ordered off amazon and the faucet is from lowes.

remember when we camped out for these guys?
here they are in all their beauty

since our kitchen isn't very big to start with, we needed to add some more storage. 
by closing in the old doorway we were able to add another cabinet and open shelving. 

this gave us more countertop to work with also. 

now i love my kitchen. i just go in there and look at all the greatness!

we also replaced the light fixture in the dining room with a funky drum shade pendant chandelier that we ordered off amazon, put up new light fixtures in both the extra bedrooms and added a door to our bedroom!
(i'll add pictures of all these improvements soon)

 i am so thankful.
for my hardworking family
and my beautiful new kitchen.


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