Project Complete!

YAY!! The coffee table is finished and I love it! I think its a good mix of me and the fiance. A little soft/vintage/cottage mixed with manliness.

BEFORE: Trash (literally, I saved this lovely from a trip to the dump! It was missing the glass and had some wobly legs. They saw trash...I saw potential.)

AFTER: Treasure

I am proud to post about a FINISHED project. See I have this way about me that always starts projects but never seems to finish. I have grand ideas in my head and they just keep coming. Its hard to keep up.
Do you have a never ending project 'To-Do' list in your head? Man do I! I even just downloaded a program to sort my ideas...its free and called Evernote, you should check it out!

I have made it one of my goals to finish projects and achieve dreams. So here is one finished.

This project was so fun and relatively cheap.

I especially like the hidden treasure. I like to make things unique and subtle.
My brother helped carve a cross into one of the tiles and it ended up being awesomely subtle and special. Thanks! I think it will be a good conversation piece and interesting to see who notices.

In the meantime of this crazy life---I have graduated from nursing school (yay more time for projects!), gotten a job and have become an Auntie! Here is my niece..isn't she precious?

Hope you enjoy!


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Lettered Cottage said...

Megan- that coffee table looks sensational! Way to go for tackling it on your own- you should be very proud!

Layla :-)